A downloadable experience for Windows and macOS

A roundabout dream-time morphology of our collective "Home is..." 

Home is where you sleep. 

Home is where you watch the plants grow.

Home is where you grow and others watch you doing so.

Home is where you go when you've got nowhere else to go. 

Home is watching yourself fall apart at the seams.

Home is where you go when you die. 

And so on and so forth. 


This was game jammed into reality by big bag minus a few plus a few, so let's just call it a game by Big Bag "Plus" (Big Bag +).

Kas @theStaticMan

Julian @solimporta

Flan @thatkidflan

Easton @eastonself

Jack  @mrparadise_

Alex @AlexandraBarsky


WASD to move. Mouse to Look around. 

Stay a while and listen. 


Space to jump 

Delete || Backspace to Destroy the game and rebuild it. 

Escape to quit. 


Home is Home is Home Mac 297 MB
Home is Home is Home PC 296 MB

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