A downloadable opera for Windows and macOS


Big Bag's final masterpiece and swan song, TERMINAL69

Prequel to TERMINAL64 - the hypnotic dive into our hero Mario's troubled heart, now, years later, the gang comes back to continue the operatic tragedy nightmare extravaganza that takes you right up the moment Mario gets on his horse, hits that country road, and leaves the Mushroom Kingdom for good.

Peach.... Oh My sweet Peach... Mama Mia!!

What happens after enduring endless rescue missions? What pain hides behind his mustache?

Is healing possible? 


TERMINAL69_mac.zip 315 MB
TERMINAL69_win.zip 311 MB

Install instructions


Mac build may not be able to open on some machines, notarization for Mac build coming soon


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I think that there should be a video on the the heck this game is even about tbh


I honestly wish i knew what this was but thats okay i guess


thank you for your honesty Whoandwhy, all wishes are welcome


This is freaking rad bro


bro... ur not jesting?

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no jest, really, my ADHD loves this silly game.

but on a different note how do i get to the PT game here.

for legal reasons we aren't at liberty to disclose, we had to make the PT game a standalone release. you can play it here! https://bigbag.itch.io/pt 


It's Not Something You Can Solve With Your Hands


You Have Blessed Me With More Than I Can Protect. But I Shall Not Bite.




credit where credit is due,,, as always thank u queenfaith ('-')7


;* want next troll game resident evil 4 remake ahahah